Greetings GM Susan Polgar,

I am writing you on behalf that your present position and prestige might address the point I am going to relay. I watch as the American chess scene is virtually strangled by Bill Goichberg. If you do not participate in his events you have next to no events to play. He controls not just the USCF but practically all the conditions for chess tournaments able to squeeze his competition out of existence. An example would his last year’s new “Chicago Class Championship” which destroyed the Green Bay Open tournament.

I write to you because I see this a Monopoly which is illegal (and grounds for a lawsuit itself). I watch as Goichberg does not care about the cheating in his events, high entry fees, the quality of his sites, conditions for masters, prizes or just the satisfaction of his customers. Because he has the power to simply say: you play my events or you don’t play anywhere. If there is no legitimate competitor to his tournaments than there never will be a good chess scene in America because Goichberg has no reason to improve his tournaments into a playable condition.

In America, we are supposed to have laws to prevent monopolies. I write to you as a dissatisfied customer who intends to pick the option of not playing tournaments anymore (tantamount to quitting chess) over participating in future Goichberg events. I hope you will converse with me on this topic. I give you permission to reproduce any part of this email you desire for your blog purposes against Goichberg. I only ask you withhold my name and email. Thank you for your time.

USCF member (name withheld as requested)

IMO, the USCF will NOT survive until the end of the year if Bill Goichberg and his friends continue to control the USCF. There will be more lawsuits from USCF members as countless people have had it. Some of these people ignored the bylaws as well as the laws and do as they wish for their personal and political interest at the expense of USCF members. Money from USCF members are being used to finance the legal fees of his own personal for profit company. You can read more information below.

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