Many people have asked who I will be voting for in the upcoming USCF Executive Board election. At this time, I will vote for the following individuals and I will explain why.

1. International Master Blas Lugo. Why? He is a successful chess player, organizer, coach, chess club owner, and his sole intention in this election is to help make the USCF better using his experience, ability, business acumen, and passion for chess. He has no political or personal interest. He is also multilingual and understands the needs and demands of a diverse membership group. He is NOT a part of the “good ol’ boys” network that would do anything to grab and maintain power for personal and political interest. He is an independent thinker and a tremendous asset to help set the USCFon the right course of recovery.

2. Dr. Mikhail Korenman. Why? He is a premier chess promoter, organizer, coach, and he is well respected and admired by many chess players from amateur to grandmasters, world champions and even Presidents. He has successfully organized many mega events in the United States, events which have brought in unprecedented positive media coverage. His experience in grant writing brought in big money for chess in Kansas. Like IM Lugo, Dr. Korenman is an independent thinker, multilingual and understands what it takes to improve the USCF. Many American Grandmasters have publicly endorsed him in this election because he has a most impressive chess résumé.

3. Dr. Eric Hecht. Why? The USCF has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few years and it is or will be nearly bankrupt if a proper course of action is not soon taken. Dr. Hecht is absolutely the most successful businessman among all the candidates, perhaps even the most prolific candidate ever. He has successful managed billions of dollars on Wall Street and he is a brilliant financial person. He has used his fortune to help chess by sponsoring many wonderful chess events from New York to Florida. Dr. Hecht has no personal or political ambition within the USCF. Like Blas Lugo and Mikhail Korenman, Dr. Hecht has the expertise and desire to help the USCF get out of the vicious cycle of failure and destruction.

I strongly believe that these three highly qualified people (Dr. Hecht, Dr. Korenman and IM Lugo) will be able to greatly help fix the many problems of the USCF and end the long-time pattern of corruption and abuse of power which is bankrupting this federation. They are “no nonsense” individuals and they will set this federation on the right course for years to come. They are all independent candidates and they do are not affiliated with any corrupt political parties. They will examine every issue and vote their conscience.

I will not vote for a fourth candidate. I will not vote for anyone who will irresponsibly advocate more legal battles which without a doubt will destroy and bankrupt this federation. I will also not vote for anyone who will advocate alienating and dividing various membership groups instead of uniting everyone, as well as putting their personal and political interest before chess and the USCF.

This federation under the leadership of current USCF President Bill Goichberg and USCF VP Jim Berry has been a disaster. On their watch, the USCF has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars while engaging in numerous lawsuits and legal battles in seven different states. Most were either provoked or started by them. They are responsible for wasting a massive amount of members’ money for frivolous actions. And yet they want another four years along with “their candidates” Mike Atkins and Ruth Haring.

They are desperately trying to hide many important facts about their actions (which have resulted in devastating consequences for this federation) from USCF members, while using Chess Life and the USCF website for their political propaganda so I would have no chance to respond and point out the truth.

Bill Goichberg has been involved with the USCF in various capacities for over four decades. Memberships are down, revenues are down, and expenditures are up. But he does not want to let go of his personal and political power even at the expense of the USCF and its members. He has his hands on nearly every election as far as I can remember. He keeps on recruiting people who will vote with him and for his agenda which has caused so much damage to the USCF.

Do you want a different direction for the USCF or do you want the USCF to continue down the same path with the same cast of characters?

The USCF CANNOT afford to lose a few more hundred thousand dollars while doing very little for its members. We cannot afford to have our leaders spend our money like it is their own. Let your voice be heard and vote for the most qualified candidates and NOT individuals who have personal, financial and political interests.

Make sure you have an official ballot to vote. Your ballot should be outside of your June 2009 Chess Life and it should have your name and USCF ID number imprinted on it.

Check the names of the candidates you are voting for, fold the ballot into three and mail it back to Taylor, Bilyeu & Company at PO Box 1156 Crossville, TN 38557-1156. The ballot should only require a first-class stamp. If you do not have one, email the following people or to request one.

The United States Chess Federation belongs to its members. We can take back control of the USCF by voting in the candidates who will serve the membership and not their own interests. I am counting on you to make a difference. Every vote counts.

You can also read plenty of filings which the USCF purposely omitted to inform the USCF members here.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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