Wyatt Semrad wins chess championship
By Colleen Surridge
Parsons Sun

ERIE – Erie CUSD 101 is standing tall after two of its schools’ teams ranked the highest in the state at the Kansas State Chess Championships at Maize High School Saturday.

Galesburg Grade School’s Wyatt Semrad, a second-grader, was named state champion of the K-6 section.

“That is the first time a CUSD 101 student in any grade has been named state champion,” said Erie chess coach Ralph Bowman. “That includes elementary school, junior high and high school.”

The entire Galesburg team walked away with a first-place trophy as well, and the Erie High School team won first place in the 3A chess championship for the 19th time this year, and placed second in the state among all-sized schools, Bowman said. Lawrence took first.

“It is said that miracles never cease, and I certainly believe it,” said Galesburg chess coach Nancy Sherman. “It was an awesome job by awesome kids.”

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