Breaking: The SPF World Open for Girls and Boys will move from Louisville to NY City in 2017! It will be organized by ChessNYC ( and @ChessNYC)

I would like to thank Ryan Velez and his fantastic staff for running this great event for the past 2 years in Louisville, KY. I am so impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. They could not have done a better job. The city of Louisville and the Brown Hotel were also great hosts of the SPFWO.

However, because Ryan is running for the USCF Executive Board, to avoid any possible conflict of interest, it is better to have a different organizer.

Many organizers across the US have expressed interest in organizing the SPFWO. After careful consideration, we decided to go with ChessNYC, a major scholastic organization in NY City, where my husband and I lived for many decades. It is sort of a homecoming for us

Full details of the 2017 SPFWO will be published shortly on

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