I always like to post stories about the success of members of the chess community. Here is one. www.dilaurasoap.com, this company is owned by one of the chess Moms (Mother of Roza Eynula, winner of the 1st ever SP National Girl’s Invitational back in 2004).

About us

DiLaura Soap Co was founded by Tunzala Eynula as an extension of her hobby. Ms. Eynula is a chemical engineer with over 17 years of experience in the chemical field. She has also taught chemistry and physics at various settings. DiLaura Soap is built with an emphasis on aesthetic beauty, educating the public, customer experience and unique selections. Check the website to see our offerings. We welcome your feedback.

Our Philosophy

Every year more and more people discover the wonders of using organic products, which are not only healthier for the body, but also sustainable for our environment. Many products that we buy in stores contain an immense number of harsh chemicals, many of which are artificially created in labs and are sometimes harmful to our bodies. That is why we, at DiLaura Soap, are committed to making only natural soaps, creams and lotions, made from pure and organic ingredients only. Every product at DiLaura Soap is made with special love and care, combining fresh and elegant scents of essential oils.

Our Goals

-To provide natural organic handcrafted soaps for your face and body

-To encourage healthy skin

-To educate the public about the benefits of using natural organic soaps

-To offer a fun variety of soap and beauty products

-To promote a healthier life style


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