Author thinks chess can win bigger U.S. audience
Fri Mar 23, 2007 7:12AM EDT
By David Gregorio

…Weinreb found it challenging to write in a compelling way about an intellectual game.

“I don’t know if chess really is a sport, but I wanted to treat it like it was a sport…to really get into what’s going on inside these kids’ heads as they play, and just try to make it as exciting as possible,” he said.

…”There’s basically no way to make money playing chess in this country,” Weinreb lamented. “Even the best player in America in a generation couldn’t get sponsors. He’d have to move to Europe where chess is more respected.”

But Weinreb is confident that can change.

“I think the fact that poker and Scrabble and things like that have found their way into the mainstream means there should be an opening for chess to do the same thing.”

Here is the full article.

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