Chess champ captures 2 college scholarships
Monday, June 23, 2008

Whatever happened to the Chardon chess whiz who won an international title and a $36,000 scholarship to Texas Tech?

She won them again.

And she can use both scholarships.

For the second straight year, Rebecca Lelko won a division for girls under 19 at the Susan Polgar World Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas. Playing June 6-8, the 17-year-old reached a draw with her second foe and beat the four others….

“I still have one more year to decide,” said Rebecca, who finished her junior year this month at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School.

Rebecca has visited Texas Tech and dined with Polgar, who leads the school’s Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence.

“She’s very nice,” said Rebecca. “She’s really, really interested in promoting chess.”

Polgar and her two sisters are among the world’s best female players.

Rebecca plans to return to Lubbock in July for a tournament. She loves the game’s challenges.

Here is the full story.

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