Turkish İş Bank Chess League
many top players start competing today in Turkey

The Turkish first chess division, İş Bank Chess League, is going to take place in İzmit (the eastern neighbour of İstanbul) between June 23 – July 3. It features strong international participation with the co-winner of the Baku Grand Prix GM Vugar Gashimov(2679), the Valjevo 2007 winner GM Michael Roiz (2659), GM Mikhail Mchedlishvili(2635), Dragan Solak(2630), GM Gadir Guseinov (2625), GM Suat Atalık(2592), GM Ioannis Papaiannous(2566), GM Hristos Banikas(2600), etc.

Following the successful women event Ataturk Chess Championship, many women top players have returned to play in this year’s edition of the Turkish Chess League. The top women players include IM/WGM Anna Muzychuk(2486), IM/WGM Anna Ushenina (2474), IM/WGM Lela Javakhishvili(2466), IM/WGM Nana Dzagnidze(2443), IM/WGM Nino Khurtsizde(2413) IM/WGM Ekaterina Atalık(2409), etc.

Beşiktaş chess club is two times consecutive winner of the competition. In previous editions they have had GM Mamedyarov, GM Kuzubov, GM Areschenko, GM Miroschnicenko. This time, however, they rely entirely on local players – IM Atakisi, FM Olcayoz, FM Yagiz, Tanrikulu, and Yilmazyerli. İSEK Aquamatch club sems to be one of the favorites with an interesting mixture between top Turkish and Greek players – GM Suat Atalik, GM Ioannis Papaionnou, GM Hristos Banikas, WGM Ekaterina Atalik, and FM Tolga Demirel. Another rating favorites of the tournament are Doruk Koleji chess club with GM Savchenko, GM Mamedov, IM Ushenina, WGM Stepovaia, and IM Erturan.

The competition will be a team round robin event with 16 teams and 15 rounds. Here are all the chess clubs in the İş Bank Chess League with their top players.

More information can be found here.

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