On the 5th of March the Grand Prix of Qatar has ended. Humpy Koneru became a winner of Women Grand Prix in Qatar and also got the right to play the match against Hou Yifan.

Round eleven was as thrilling as it was expected. After two quite peaceful draws between Dzagnidze-Chiburdanidze and Danielian-Stefanova, all the attention turned to the games which would identify the winner of Grand Prix in Qatar and also decide the participant of the match with Hou Yifan. The Chinese has already clinched the first place in the overall Grand Prix cycle and is a current World Champion among women.

The first contender Nana Dzagnidze could not have an effect on the situation and was waiting for the result of the second challenger Humpy Koneru who needed to win the game in order to have a chance to qualify.

Another important for the final standings game was played between Marie Sebag and Bathkhuyag Munguntuul. The French player also needed to win in order to share the first place. In such case Nana Dzagnidze would get a ticket to the match because Humpy Koneru would not get enough points in overall series of Women Grand Prix. After almost 5 hours of fighting Marie Sebag was defeated by Mongolian player and Humpy Koneru scored a crucial point!


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