“Scaccomatto 2008”, Turin
by Adolivio Capece
Published by Chesstoday.net

The event started last Saturday with a simultaneous exhibition by GM Fabiano Caruana. In 2½ hours he played 24 games (+20 =2 -2) against many journalists of the most important Italian newspaper, political authorities, and strong players of the local club, the Società Scacchistica Torinese.

There was a wonderful transmission on Italian TV about this event.

On Sunday November 30, GM Caruana won a strong rapid chess tournament with 112 players. He finished with 8½/9, drawing only with 17-year old Axel Rombaldoni. The came Axel Rombaldoni and WGM Cristina Foisor – 7½ points; GM Michele Godena, FM Folco Castaldo, GM Igor Naumkin and IM Daniele Vocaturo – 7 points, etc.

Source: Chesstoday.net

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