Carlsen and Karjakin share first at Grand Slam Bazna
Carlsen declared winner on SB tiebreak
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Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin finished top of the table at Bazna Kings Grand Slam tournament with equal score 6,5/10 games. Carlsen was declared winner, as both had equal number of wins (first tiebreak), equal direct score (second tiebreak), but Carlsen had better third tiebreak – Sonneborn-Berger.

For both Carlsen and Karjakin the tournament has been successful from ELO rating point of view. Carlsen secured first position on the July rating list, with current highest live rating, while Karjakin emerged as the top Russian player, ahead of Kramnik. Karjakin most probably secured a place in the Grand Slam Final in Sao Paulo and Bilbao, as Carlsen is already qualified.

The bronze medal in the Bazna Kings tournament went to Nakamura. Again that was on tiebreak, as he had the same number of points as Radjabov, but the Azerbaijan GM had completed 9 draws and 1 loss, while Nakamura scored a victory against Nisipeanu.

Following the trend, Ivanchuk and Nisipeanu also decided the last place on tiebreak, with Ivanchuk having two victories for one of Nisipeanu.

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