By Chess Coach Will Stewart (USCF 2256, FIDE 2234)

The original article on Chesscube Chess Live Blitz Video available here.

Server: ChessCube (rated game)

Time Controls: 5 min (no increment)
Winner: IM Daniel Naroditsky (on time)
Daniel opens with d4 and I respond with the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian defense. Naroditsky plays the Be2 line, quickly moving to Bf3 to establish firm control of d5. Karpov employed similar plans with be2-bf3, and g3 nearly 40 years ago – attempting to reduce black’s dynamic tactical possibilities and allow white to attempt a positional grind based on his slight space advantage and better static pawn structure. I think I employed an inaccurate grouping of my pieces with 14. …Rfd8?! – better was 14. …Qc4 to put more pressure on white’s e4 pawn and on the c-file as well. I wasn’t terribly impressed by 17. g4, as it seemed to be more of a weakness than a strength for white. I think a better plan for white is to either trade off the rooks or play the immediate nd5. Also possible for white is 17. f4!? I could have played an interesting exchange sac with 18. …Rd4!?, taking firm control of the d-file or the dark squares. 22. …Bxe3?! was unnecessary and inaccurate, with 22. …Kg8 to be preferred. Also, 28. …Nd4 could have been a mistake, maybe 28. …Nf4+ 29. Kf1 Qc6 – to stop 30. Qxc3 with 30. …b5. At this point, we entered a time scramble and I was unable to break through white’s position. A solid game by Naroditsky.

My apologies for the framerate, I did this video on an old computer on the road and it didn’t encode properly (being as it was a live blitz game I couldn’t redo it).

For the PGN and extra commentary check out the Chesscube Chess Live Blitz Video available on William’s site.

ChessCube – A Great Alternative to FICS or ICC

Recently ChessCube has grown on me quite a bit as a good alternative to FICS and ICC. Although FICS provides more configurability I feel ChessCube is lean, easy to use and straightforward, plus it’s free. I’ve also been using the ChessCube tutoring system for some of my students and I’m quite pleased. I’ll try and write an article soon about FICS vs. ICC vs. ChessCube but in the mean time I suggest you check out ChessCube if you haven’t done so already.

About ChessCube

ChessCube ( was launched in May 2007 from its Cape Town headquarters. It has since grown into a community of over 1.3m avid chess players, and continues to grow at a rapid pace. ChessCube is an innovative, live chess platform, focused on online tournaments and live playing within a social community. Mark Levitt, founder and CEO of ChessCube, is four times South African Chess Champion. ChessCube’s investors include InVenfin, Vinny Lingham and Michael Leeman.
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