A few days ago, I showed you on my blog a similar study (except the White King was on d8 and not c8).

This morning, my wonderful friend Mr. Frederic Friedel (founder of ChessBase) for more than 2 decades sent me a note about the same test which ChessBase published back on December 25, 2001. By the way, ChessBase is designing the official website for the 2007 World Championship in Mexico City as well as handling many other technical issues.

This was a 2 part test on ChessBase. The first part is the one above (which is relatively easier) and the second part is the one I shared with you (same position with King on d8).

Don’t feel bad if you did not find the solution because it is not so simple. You can read about it here and the most interesting part here. It is about what happened when this puzzle was shown to Garry.
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