In a stunning last round, Kramnik emerged as the winner on tie breaks over Svidler.

Just like in the World Championship Match, Leko collapsed against Kramnik in the last game. Leko was leading the event until the last round.

Another stunning development is the collapse of Aronian. He lost his last 3 games, this time to Gelfand! 3 of the 4 games today were decisive with 3 wins by White.

Here are the results for the last round:

Boris Gelfand 1-0 Levon Aronian
Vladimir Kramnik 1-0 Peter Leko
Arkadij Naiditsch 1-0 Baadur Jobava
Peter Svidler ½-½ Michael Adams

Here are the final standings:

1-2. Kramnik, Svidler 4.5
3-5. Adams, Leko, Gelfand 4.0
6. Naiditsch 3.5
7. Aronian 2.0
8. Jobava 1.5
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