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The Amity Grandmaster Challenge

World’s youngest Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi, 13, will play against World’s youngest Girl Grandmaster and reigning European Women’s champion Kateryna Lahno, 16, of Ukraine in ‘The Amity Grandmasters Challenge’ to be held in New Delhi from 17-25 December 2006.

The first of its kind match to be held in India will be played over 18 games and will have a total prize pool of Rs. 500000/- (Rupees Five Lakh) out of which 3 Lakhs will be given to the winner while the loser will go home richer by Rupees 2 Lakhs.

The match will be organized in three phases. There will be 6 games each under FIDE time control, rapid chess and blitz and the winner will be announced taking into account net score from all these games.

Parimarjan Negi was all pleased on confirmation of the match. “I am really pleased that I will get a chance to play my first match against such a renowned opponent. I think I owe a thanks to Amity for reposing faith in my abilities”, said the 13 year-old who is a student of Amity International School, Saket.

Kateryna Lahno is likely to come to India with her trainer GM Ruslan Scherbakov of Russia who has also trained Parimarjan in the past. Parimarjan is expected to be assisted by one of his foreign trainers during the match.


1. There will be six games under FIDE time control.
2. Six Rapid games
3. Six Blitz Games
4. The winner will be decided on the basis of accumulated results.
5. The prize money will be Rs. 300000/- for the winner and Rs. 200000/- for the loser.
6. As a run up to the event there will be a simultaneous exhibition both by Kateryna and Parimarjan. This would possibly be one or two days before the match starts.
7. Both players irrespective of the result of the game have to give a media briefing to ensure maximum mileage to the event.

The Schedule:

1. December 16: Inauguration Ceremony and Simultaneous exhibition: 3 PM
2. December 17: Game 1 at 2:30 PM
3. December 18: Game 2 at 2:30 PM
4. December 19: Game 3 at 2:30 PM
5. December 20: Game 4 at 2:30 PM
6. December 21: Game 5 at 2:30 PM
7. December 22: Game 6 at 2:30 PM
8. December 23: Three Rapid Games starting at 2:30 PM 30 minutes rest after each game
9. December 24. Three Rapid games starting at 2:30 PM 30 minutes rest after each game.
10. December 25 Six Blitz games starting at 2:30 PM. 15 minutes rest after every game.
11. Closing ceremony at 6:30 PM on 25th evening.

Time control:
1. For the first six Classical games we will go by the FIDE time control. 90 minutes for the entire game with a 30 seconds increment after every move.
2. Rapid games will be played with 25 minutes each with a 10 seconds increment after every move.
3. Blitz games will be played with 5 minutes for the entire game with a 5 seconds increment after every move.

If the match is drawn: In case of a 9-9 tie after 18 games the players will play a sudden death blitz games where white gets six minutes against black five minutes (No increment) and white will have to win (Armageddon). The cash prize in this case will be shared and the final game will only be for the winner’s trophy.

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