Batman Svidler in a sauna in Prague

Peter Svidler with his wife Olga and his sons Daniel and Nikita spent the whole Tuesday in the ZOO. „We have been observing the bats of the genus Pteropus for 20 minutes. And I´ve been also smoothing one of them. It was really great feeling. Even if there would be nothing more interesting, the trip to Prague was valuable, today I can say: Mission is accomplished,“ laughed grandmaster Svidler during the opening ceremony of the festival CEZ CHESS TROPHY 2012.

The first game of his match against the best Czech player David Navara was played on Wednesday June 20 in really hard conditions. One big sauna was made from Prague by unexpected hot days of 34 degrees of Celsius.

Navara had white pieces and got a small advantage and huge time plus after openning. Maroczy Sicialan was on the board. Grandmaster Navara commented: „More promising has been the continuation 28.Rcd2, where after 28…Rdd8?! 29.exf5 exf5 30.Bf2! the white has huge advantage. I missed the move 30.Bf2 in my calculation.“ The game can be replayed here.

The second game starts today at 16:00 in Prague. You can follow the online transmission of the game here.

The organiser of the CEZ CHESS TROPHY 2012 Pavel Matocha with Yochanan Afek and Einar S. Einarsson, who will deliver their lecture on Saturday and Sunday (June 23 – 24).

The photogalery of the CEZ CHESS TROPHY 2012 is here.

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