In the second round of FIDE “Grand Prix” tournament Levon Aronian and Vladimir Hakopian set was hard enough. In the end, Levon Aronian won his Armenian elder partner. Yuri Vasilev, chess reporter, had a chance to give some questions to the Armenian GM-s, reports aysor.am.

– Vladimir in your interview given to “Novosti” agency you have said that it is difficult to guess Aronian’s steps, that he always plays in a different, interesting way. What step was unexpected for you in this set?
– I meant those sets where there is much dynamics. In those cases it is difficult to guess Aronian’s steps. In this case I could see all his steps, but it was a problem for me to confront.
-Levon, which part was the most difficult for you?
– The final, I was nervous, I thought I was losing the game. Then I thought and understood that the horse should be put in f5 field. I am happy I could think of that plan. Well, devil knows what turns out.
-Vladimir, what relations do you have with Levon?
-The thing is that when I was winning in the championships of Armenia, Levon was a boy of 14-15. I could see he was really talented. -What was Levon’s success when you were winning in those championships?
-To tell the truth, I was too busy with my own success and victories. I don’t remember anybody else’s victories. Aronian remembers that once he played in minus. Vladimir Hakopian said: “We meet rarely. I think that it was our second set in the last five years.”

Source: Panorama.am

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