Levon Aronian, the 10th ranked player in the world has captured the 2005 World Chess Cup by defeating the former FIDE World Knockout Champion Ruslan Ponomariov (19th in the world) by the score of 2-0 in the playoff today.

Bacrot of France finished third by defeating Grischuk of Russia 1.5 – .5 in the playoff.

Gelfand of Israel finished sixth after losing to Bareev of Russia by the score of .5 – 1.5 in the playoff.

Rublevsky of Russia finished seventh after defeating M. Gurevich of Russia / Belgium / Turkey yesterday by the score of 1.5 – .5 in regulation.

Rounding out the top 10 is Gata Kamsky of the US at number 9 after defeating Magnus Carlsen of Norway 2-0 in the playoff.

11th Malakhov, 12th Vallejo, 13th Dreev, 14th Van Wely, 15th Lautier, 16th SakaevPosted by Picasa

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