Good display by Anand

Arvind Aaron

CHENNAI: In a three hour battle, World No.1 Viswanathan Anand saved a couple of difficult games towards the end to turn around and win seventeen games, draw one and lose one game in the Anand v The World, Vidya Sagar Charity Simultaneous Display held on April 21 at the Internet Chess Club.

Anand, the 37-year old Chennai-born World No.1, took on 19 players at the same time from four continents spread across eight nations from various time zones as Hong Kong in the East to California in the West at the same time in a classical chess game from his home at Collado Mediano near Madrid in Spain and ended with a high 92.10 per cent score.

Best preparation

Speaking to The Hindu, Anand said the best preparation before playing such a demanding display was good sleep and rest and he had it. “Both `Bluesette’ (real name Marc Lacrosse of Belgium) and `Knight Gold’ (Dr Alain Authier from Quebec, Canada) played well, and I managed to recover against Shanbhag and win,” said Anand.

Bluesette won a nice ending after Anand admitted that he overlooked a rook manoeuvre by his opponent. Knight Gold took a draw by repetition.

The event took place at and the games were played on a 90 minutes per player with a five second increment per move basis.

The ICC confirmed that $5,408 (about Rs. 2.25 lakhs) was raised for VidyaSagar, Chennai from last night’s Charity Simul. The highest bidder paid $501.


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