This is a picture of the beautiful playing hall of the Sigeman tournament. It was sent to me by Anders Hansen, Webmaster Sigeman Tournament. Thank you Anders!

Here are the current standings after 5 rounds:

1. GM Ivan Cheparinov 4.0

2-3 GM Emanuel Berg, GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 3.5

4 – 7 GM Erwin l’Ami, GM Vassilios Kotronias, GM Parimarjan Negi, IM Pontus Carlsson 2.5

8. GM Jan Timman 2.0

9-10 9. GM Jonny Hector, IM Emil Hermansson 1.0

is the official website.

Here are the matchups for round 6:

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson – GM Erwin l’Ami
GM Emanuel Berg – GM Parimarjan Negi
IM Emil Hermansson – GM Jonny Hector
IM Pontus Carlsson – GM Jan Timman
GM Ivan Cheparinov – GM Vassilios Kotronias

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