A formidable, successful year for the Guyana Chess Federation
By Errol Tiwari April 4, 2010 in Features, Sunday

The Bank of Guyana is currently hosting the 8th Intra-Regional Central Bank Games comprising nine sporting disciplines. The Caribbean Central Bank Chess Tournament was held yesterday, and we trust that Guyana was able to give a fair account of itself. Representatives from the Guyana Chess Federation worked with the team in the evenings prior to the tournament, and offered instruction in the three phases of the game: the opening, the middle and the ending.

Berbice business entity, A. Ally and Sons, is sponsoring a one-day Rapid tournament for chess players throughout the country next Sunday in New Amsterdam. While participation can come from all or any of the ten regions, Berbicians would be at an advantage in terms of participation. The GCF will be administering the tournament, and we are hoping that schools in Berbice would ensure their players were adequately represented. The format for the tournament is a swiss system event (winners play winners and losers play losers), with fifteen minutes per player per game. The tournament will begin at 10 am promptly on Sunday, at the Town Hall in New Amsterdam, and conclude about 6pm following the presentation of prizes to the winners.

On Sunday last, the Guyana Chess Federation held its Annual General Meeting to elect office-bearers for the period 2010-2011. Errol Tiwari was re-elected President of the organization. The President presented a report outlining the activities which occurred last year; an edited version of the highlights is given hereunder.

The year 2009 was a formidable, but successful one for the Guyana Chess Federation. We encountered some challenges which we overcame, and concluded the year on a positive note.

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