Mangalore: Chess – The Mind Game Gains Popularity Among Children
By Rajesh SDaijiworld
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Mangalore, Apr 4: As the game of chess has gained popularity among children, many schools and colleges in the city conduct competitions with the responses increasing each year.

Students of primary classes form the bulk of participants.

A large number of schools in the city, which have other games and sports also, listed chess as being helpful in improving memory. Teachers of these schools also noticed that the students who play chess are good at studies or have good powers of concentration.

“It is a game of the mind”, said Ashwini Kamath, a primary school teacher in the city, when asked about why her school has more chess players when compared to other sports. She adds that playing chess improves brain power as the players concentrate on the game for hours, unlike other games.

As per her observation, most of the schools in the city have a good number of chess-playing students and most of the parents want their children to be chess players so that they will excel in academics also.

“The children, by focusing on the game, can improve their concentration gradually”, said Prasanna Rao, administrator, Derick’s Chess School, M G Road. He adds that even some hyperactive children also concentrate on the game.

“Several parents have opined that chess has improved their children’s concentration power. Most of them agreed that improvement in concentration has resulted in better academic performances,” added Rao.

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