Where’s the Real Action Now? In the Nation’s Schoolrooms

Published: May 20, 2007
New York Times

Scholastic chess has become the game’s lifeblood. Almost 60 percent of United States Chess Federation members are under 18.

The most exciting scholastic events are the national championships. In late March and early April, more than 1,000 players competed in the junior high school championships in Sacramento. That was followed last month by the high school nationals in Kansas City, Mo., with more than 1,400 players.

The cycle ended last weekend with more than 2,000 children, some only 5 years old, playing in the elementary school championships in Nashville.

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This is why it is very important for board members to understand and be familiar with many issues and they should not be voted on just because of their political connections. This has been a disastrous formula for years. Board members are not elected to serve one type of membership. Board members need to be involved with adult, scholastic, college, Internet, correspondence and military chess, etc.

Just from the stand point of scholastic chess alone which is 60% of the membership, how many board members actually attended more than 1 national scholastic event or organize more than 1 major scholastic event per year in the past 3 years? I know Paul, Mikhail and I did. Randy is also very familiar with this aspect. But who else?

This is why there is such a big problem between the scholastic and adult chess community in recent years. Many board members have no interest in anything else but their own agenda and politics and that means that the needs of at least 60% of the memberships are not met.

What about delegates’ meeting? Which candidates have bothered to attend in the past 3 years? What about sponsorships or acquiring college scholarships? How many board members have met this criteria in the past 3 years or even know how to do it? What about supporting chess? How many candidates have donated money to the US Chess Trust or various chess organizations in the past 3 years. These are all very important issues and 5 candidates have clearly met many of these criteria: Paul Truong, Mikhail Korenman, Randy Bauer, Jim Berry and me. Mr. Don Schultz could also be added to this list. But who else?

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