2 Texans from Austin are participating in 2007 Frank K. Berry US Championship: FM Joe Bradford and FM Michael Langer. Both are in contention for IM norms.

Joe has been one of the strongest players in Texas for decades. His rating has been around 2500+ before the rating inflation. He is clearly strong enough to be an IM or more. But the lack of International competition kept him with only the FM title.

Michael’s second home can actually be considered Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has played so many tournaments there and he’s basically a part of the Stillwater chess scene. I played Michael once when Women’s Olympiad Team Captain Paul Truong brought the entire team to Stillwater, Oklahoma a few years ago to compete in an event generously sponsored by Frank K. Berry, the same organizer of the 2007 Frank K. Berry US Championship.

Joe needs a win with Black and Michael needs a draw with White to get their IM norms.

Good luck to Michael and Joe!

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