Chess Adventure Game – ‘Zugzwang’

Richard Evans just sent me the link to his game Zugzwang. The game is completely free and can be downloaded directly from his website here. You can also check out his adventure game site here.

This file is about 5Mb and will install Zugzwang on any PC. A full uninstall is also provided to completely remove Zugzwang after playing.

The game is a point and click adventure where you control a white pawn (and later a black pawn), who both want to learn how to play chess so they can play in a real Battle. The game features lots of Chess based sub-games that teach how to move the pieces, set up the board, and everything else you need to know to play Chess. And also about 30 locations where you can meet and talk to all the other Chess Pieces, both Black and White.

Thank you Richard for sharing it with everyone.
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