5/19/09 1:41 PM
Cuca BGI
Zambia chess player win Cuca-BGI tournament
AngolaPress – Luanda, Angola

Luanda– The international Master from Zambia, Amon Simutowe, won on Sunday in Luanda, with 7,5 points, the trophy of the international Cuca BGI tournament, which was disputed from 10 to 17 May in the premises of the Angolan Chess Federation (FAX), in both sexes.

The winner was awarded the prize of USD 5000, the Angolan national Master Eduardo Pascoal occupied the second position with 6,5 points and received USD 4000, while António Sousa (Angola) ended in the third place with 6 points and got USD 3000.

In female category, the Botswana chess player Tsepiso Lopang won the competition with 6 points and she was awarded the prize of USD 2500, while the Angolan player Engrácia de Oliveira that occupied the second position received USD 2000.

The South African player Mbalehle Cindi, who occupied the third place with 5,5 points, got USD 1000.

Source: http://www.portalangop.co.ao

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