International Chess Championship Zagreb Open 2011
11th to 18th April at Hotel Porin in Zagreb, Croatia

International Chess Championship Zagreb Open 2011 will be played from 11th to 18th April at Hotel Porin in Zagreb, Croatia. The organizer is Zagreb Chess Federation and the system of play in nine round Swiss with 90 minutes for 40 moves+ 15 min to the end of game incl. 30 seconds increment for every move (from the beginning of the game).

The tournament will be split in two events, Grandmaster Group for players rated above 2300 and Master Group for players rated under 2300. The prize fund in the main event is approximately 7200 EUR, with 2000 EUR reserved for the winner, and the prizes in the Master Group amount to 2400 EUR.

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Preliminary list for the Grandmaster tournament:

1 GM Lysyj Igor RUS 2629
2 GM Burmakin Vladimir RUS 2594
3 GM Brkić Ante CRO 2592
4 GM Palac Mladen CRO 2586
5 GM Postny Evgeny ISR 2585
6 GM Gleizerov Evgeny RUS 2579
7 GM Greenfeld Alon ISR 2571
8 GM Ponkratov Pavel RUS 2568
9 GM Banusz Tamas HUN 2563
10 GM Bosiočić Marin CRO 2561
11 GM Zelčić Robert CRO 2550
12 GM Jovanović Zoran CRO 2544
13 GM Papp Gabor HUN 2539 (Texas Tech Knight Raider)
14 GM Ulibin Mikhail RUS 2521
15 IM Martinović Saša CRO 2504
16 GM Šarić Ante CRO 2491
17 GM Jovanić Ognjen CRO 2480
18 IM Dorić Darko CRO 2464
19 IM Lončar Robert CRO 2394
20 WIM Frančišković Borka CRO 2302

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