Your move, Steinitz

by Filip Bondy
NY Daily News

The Blahg is back after a brief stay-cation. And Tom Watson’s bad ending at the British Open title got me thinking about all the other pseudo-sports that have the potential to produce champions who are older than I am – a ridiculous concept, considering how much my left knee is hurting as I write this.

There are quite a few, actually: horse racing (Willie Shoemaker was 58 when he won his last race); car racing, yachting, chess (Wilhelm Steinitz held the world championship until the age of 58 years, 10 days); equestrian; bridge; shooting.

A lot of these so-called sports events are at the Olympics. In fact, I think 70-year-olds could probably clean up half the gold medals, if they just cared enough about stuff like curling and put in the necessary training. The problem is that older people start reading books and that’s the end of them, when it comes to these things.

The British Open also made me realize that Tiger Woods is the luckiest man alive.

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