Which way would you like to see major chess events covered?                                                                                                                                        

When the Norwegian / Tromsø organizers asked me to be an Ambassador for the 2014 Chess Olympiad, as well as to help promote the 2013 World Cup and the 2014 Olympiad, I told them of my vision of how an event should be covered and promoted.

As a huge fan of chess, and as someone who follow most major events, I sometimes get frustrated with the slow and stale way of how some of these events are covered. I think it is possible to make chess fun, informative, educational, and exciting for the fans at home following on the Internet.

That is why I proposed, and in fact implemented, the new way of LIVE commentary (more lively with personal interaction), tweets, photo updates, and much more, just as you saw at the Tromsø Chess World Cup.

However, the chess world is divided. While I got a substantial positive and enthusiastic support for the change, there are still quite a few people who think social media, personal interaction, and focusing more on the casual players is the wrong way to go. In fact, I was even severely criticized by some prominent people in the chess world for the new system. They think that my idea would cheapen the royal game.

So I ask you to be the judge. Please offer your feedback and please vote. I am truly interested in how you feel about this. I also think that your input can impact the way how future major events are covered.

Thank you!

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