“Unless you expect the unexpected you will never find truth” Heraclitus
Report by Martha Fierro

Before the last round everybody could have won, four players were leading the tournament. The expected game between Giri and Caruana (who are the first and the second player in the U20 ranking) ended in draw. The Dutch played a very solid English and when it was time to draw, white had some advantage. but he secures first place..

Nakamura chooses a Berlin variation of the Spanish, perhaps with the aim of playing solid against the “re-born” Ivanchuk. Vassily coherent with his very particular personality plays very good and his goal is to win. Maybe his desire of revenge has won against his pessimism.

It seems that Morozevich, facing the last player in the ranking Vitiugov, can draw and win the tournament thanks to the tie break. The twist arrives at the 40th move, black moves Ba4 with just a second on the clock, but this isn’t the right move and Morozevich and in a very tough endgame with some possibilities of a e draw the Russian makes a mistake and finally Vitiugov wins his second game in the tournament.

In this way the Dutch player Anish Giri, the youngest player in this tournament wins the 54th edition of Reggio Emilia’s tournament, one of the most exciting edition in the entire chess history.

In the female tournament the round finishes with the quite foreseeable win of the Georgian player Sopiko Guramishvili, after she drew against Anna Sharevic.

Well done for Marina who beating Maria De Rosa gets 6,5 points and the third place on the podium.

Marianna ends the tournament loosing against Iva Videnova, who improves her final score
Anish Giri, made history in Reggio by being the youngest player who has ever won Reggio Emilia with 17 years old and has obtained a whole new record after 54 editions.

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