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Big turn out in schools chess
Arin Kumar
Sunday, May 27, 2012

THE Fiji Chess Federation is expecting a large number of participants for tomorrow’s Primary and Secondary Schools Chess Championship.

The event will be held at the Fiji Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee and organisers are expecting a tough event.

FCF general secretary Teliko Koroi said none of the ‘oldies’ will participate therefore a ‘young’ champion will be crowned.

“This is an annual tournament which is dedicated to the student population from Class 1 to Form 7,” Koroi said.

“Competition is predicted to be at cut-throat levels as a number of young players have managed to sharpen their skills at the recent Fiji International Open Championship,” she said.

She named youngsters like Keez Terubea, Jacqui Masilomani, Ken Fong, Kabrina Terubea, Menash Fareed, Neelam Kumar, Amy Bale, Edwin Pedraverde and Isha Raicker as some players to look out for.

Former national champion Manoj Kumar said even tough chess may look boring, it becomes ‘addictive’ once played.

“Despite its lack of visual appeal, chess can be a very addictive sport to those who take interest,” Kumar said.

“As a school teacher, nothing makes me happier than a group of children playing chess – of course, after their fair share of other physical sports,” he said.

Entries are still open for the event and interested players can register before the start of the tournament at 8.15am tomorrow.


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