Veselin Topalov: “You need to believe in yourself!”

Veselin is a true chess professional. He is completely focused on his favorite sport. But he is bright and interesting person at the same time, and some of his interests are far beyond the chessboard.

– Veselin, what season of the year do you prefer?

– Summer, of course! Everything is so lively in summer. People smile more often, and everything turns green. Isn’t it beautiful? Especially in Spain…

– Do you travel a lot?

– I travel too much! But I like it. There are so many beautiful places on Earth, and I want to see them all. My work and tourism are inseparable. If I go to play somewhere, I always visit all the places of interest, and often stay for a couple of days after the tournament as a tourist.

– What places do you intend to visit?

– First of all, Las Vegas. I cannot explain why, you just have to see it yourself – all those casinos at night… It’s simply unforgettable! I also love Paris. My favorite countries are Spain and China.

– Many chess players started to work on chess early and did not study in college. What about you?

– Unfortunately, I am not an exception. On the other hand, I know many languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, and a little bit of Serbian. I don’t have a diploma, but at least I am successful in my work!

– Do you ever have spare time?

– No. I don’t have time for anything; I don’t even have a hobby. I don’t complain, though: my life is full of bright moments. I greatly enjoy it.

– Have you thought about retirement?

– I try not to think about it. But I am sure that I will not be playing chess for the rest of my life.

– Are you interested in politics?

– I am trying to avoid it. I support neither dictatorship nor democracy. Many of my colleagues are interested in politics, philosophy, logic, math, etc., but not me. There is a lot of talking and thinking, and I am an action man! I hate inertia!

– Are you involved in charity?

– I cooperate with a charity organization that collects money for disabled children.

– You are a successful man. Do you have somebody to thank for it?

– Frankly speaking, I am very grateful to many people around me, and it is hard to name them all. But the most important people for me are my parents.

– What is the secret of success?

– You need to believe in yourself, and everything will be okay!

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