On August 19, the opening ceremony of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad took place at the Hunnu Mall – Entertainment Centre, where gathered not only the participants but also the guests, officials, and a great number of visitors of the most popular center of recreation and shopping in Ulaanbaatar.

At the opening ceremony were present Sanjmyatav Yadamsuren, Member of Parliament of Mongolia, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, FIDE President, Gankhuyag Shiilegdamba, Minister of Sports and Health of Mongolia, Sainbayar Tserendorj, President of Mongolian Chess Federation.

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FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Minister of Sports and Health of Mongolia Gankhuyag Shiilegdamba welcome the participants and guests of the tournament

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The vow made on behalf of Arbiters and players

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Live interview to the main national channel

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The spectacular concert programme with the native motives was performed by the professional actors.

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On August 20, the FIDE President met with Bataa Nyamaa, Vice Mayor of Ulaanbaatar. The both sides discussed the possible re-allocation of the land in the Mongolian capital for the further needs of the national chess federation. As it turned out the previously allocated area was not registered officially on time by the previous leadership of the Mongolian Chess Federation and it was lost. The Vice Mayor Bataa Nyamaa outlined the necessary steps and appointed the people responsible for the solution of this issue. The meeting was held in the constructive atmosphere.

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The first moves by the FIDE President in the game of Mongolia vs. Palau. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee Sanjmyatav Yadamsuren is glad to witness the start of the game.

IMG 7456 IMG 7457
The Trainer of Singaporean team Ignatius Leong welcomes the FIDE President.

IMG 7463 IMG 7464
Kyrgyzstan vs. Mongolia (left) and France vs. another team from Mongolia (right)

IMG 7444 IMG 7449
The youngest participant of the tournament is 6-year-old girl from Palau, who had to get up off the chair to write down her moves into the score sheet (left). China vs. Mongolia (right).

IMG 7450 IMG 7455
Russia vs. Sri Lanka (left). The Kalmyk girl Dinara Dordzhieva represents Russia at the Board 4 (right).

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