One of the bloggers just posted the score for the American Kids in Batumi, Georgia. Here are their score:

After Round 4, USA:

WFM Abrahamyan Tatev 4,0 FM Robson Ray 3,5 Lee Fei-Tzin 3,0 Xiang Evan 3,0 Shen Victor C 3,0 Shetty Atulya 3,0 Zhang Eric 3,0 Xiang Ellen 2,5Yang Sylvia Siyuan 2,5 Zhurbinskiy Eve 2,5 Kuzniatsova Lena 2,5 Tanaka Christian T 2,5 Naroditsky Daniel 2,5Yang Darwin 2,5 Nip Nicholas 2,5 Banawa Joel Cholo 2,0 WFM Melekhina Alisa 2,0Robinson Darrian 2,0 Zhu Jessica 2,0 Dai Eileen 1,5 Liao Eric 0,5

Thank you for the updates! You can find out the complete scores and results from all countries here.
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