2009 World Chess Team Championship

I. Invitation

The Government of Turkey and the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) with the patron age and support of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, have the honour to announce the 2009 World Team Chess Championship in Bursa, Turkey. The event will be held from 3rd January 2010 (arrival) to 14th January 2010 (Departure).

II. Participants:

II.a Federations

According to FIDE Regulations D., the following Federations are entitled to send a team:

Continental Champions: Russia, Brazil, China, Egypt

3 Qualifiers from Olympiad: Armenia, Israel, USA

Organiser Country and two invited Federations by FIDE President’s approval: Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Greece

II.b Conditions for participants:

Each team will consist of 6 athletes (4 players + 2 reserves) and one coach/captain of the team for a total of 7 persons. These 7 people from each participating team will be provided with full hospitality including lodging, accommodation.

Honorarium for players: For each players participating to event following daily honorarium will be paid:

Ex-World Champion: 100 SFr.

Grandmasters: 50 SFr.

Others: 30 SFr.

II.c Players’ Obligations:

a) All players are obliged to participate opening and closing ceremony. Otherwise,honorarium will not be paid.

b) Tournament will be played according to zero tolerance rule which is valid following the 1st July 2009.

c) Draw offer will not be made for the first 30 moves.

d) All federations participating accept that they will comply fully with these regulations

III. Venue:

The players will be hosted in Bursa, Turkey in the Almira Hotel (5 stars). The tournament Hall will be Merinos Congress Centre and is less than 100m distance from the hotel.

Full information here: http://wtcc2009.tsf.org.tr/content/view/2/3/lang,turkish/

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