2006 Pan-Am Chess Championships
“The World Series of College Chess”

December 27-30, 2006
Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC

Top scholastic player receives college scholarship to UMBC worth $69,416!!

Here is the official website: www.umbc.edu/chess/Pan-Am2006

It is not too late to enter!
Walk-in participants are welcome.

Take Amtrak to Union Station. Hotel is near the Chinatown Metro Redline stop.

New categories and prizes have been added! Don’t miss out this event!

In addition, there will be an Exhibition Match – G/10mins Knockout

1–3pm, December 27

Spectators free and welcome.

Move-by-move sports commentary by Master Craig Jones and Senior Master William “The Exterminator” Morrison.

Watch large computer display of games from state-of-the-art DGT autosensory boards.

Enjoy chess as an exciting spectator sport!

Four-person single-elimination, with two games per match. All ties will be broken with a shootout (no cash prize will be split). In Round 1, the pairings will be #1 vs. #4, and #2 vs. #3.

Time Controls:
Game in ten minutes, with two-second delay (using DGT clocks). On an illegal move, the TD may add one minute to the opponent’s clock, if time is still remaining.


Shootouts: The player winning a coin flip will choose colors. White will be given four minutes and must win. Black will be given five minutes and must win or draw. Each side will have a two-second delay.

Open to the top three FIDE-rated players from the Pan-Am Intercollegiate or Pan-Am Scholastic who wish to play (at most one player per school), plus the highest FIDE-rated “wildcard” who shows up by 12:45pm. The wildcard player may be anyone and does not have to be a player in the Pan-Am Intercollegiate or Scholastic Championships. Players who wish to be considered for this match should send email to Dr. Alan T. Sherman ( dralansherman@starpower.net ).

The following people have agreed to play, if they qualify:

International Grandmaster Alexander “The Invincible” Onischuk (UMBC)
FIDE 2668, USA Champion, ranked 40th in world.

International Grandmaster Jaan Ehlvest (wildcard)
FIDE 2597

International Grandmaster Dmitry Shneider (UTD)
FIDE 2489

International Master Lev Milman (Duke)
FIDE 2463

International Master Renier Gonzalez (Miami Dade)
FIDE 2451

Commentary: Move-by-move commentary will be broadcast throughout the auditorium, for the purpose of enhancing spectator excitement and enjoyment. Players will be able to hear this commentary and must agree to this condition.
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