The first game of the final match of the World Cup 2009 was drawn after the tough development of the “Petroff defense”. The Grandmasters shared their impressions with the journalists at the traditional press conference.

R.P.: It is difficult to give an objective view without analyzes. To my mind we played equally. I liked my position, all pieces were centralized, I had a trump card of my potential passed pawn d. But my opponent would always find good moves.

B.G.: Ruslan had more perspective position. But the black pieces had almost no weak points. I think I was defending quite well and did not allow my opponent to develop an initiative.

Ruslan, do you think it had sense to play the “Petroff defense” against an opponent who is famous to be good at?

R.P.: What, now we should not play 1. e2-e4 at all? Do you mean that chess can be considered dead because of the “Petroff defense”? Though I did not win – my chances with white were just wasted.

Boris, do you think that the “Petroff defense” will kill chess?

B.G.: No, you cannot kill chess. Yes, we played the “Petroff defense” but we had the position which gave the possibility for both opponents. Today we were equal. If someone blundered, we could have made a score result.

Boris, is it important for you to have spectators in the playing venue during the match?

B.G.: Of course it would be more pleasant to play with the spectators watching our match. But it is obvious that chess has its huge Internet audience. No matter where a tournament takes place, 90-95% of the spectators would follow the games via Internet.

How did you spend your rest day?

R.P.: I was relaxing, gaining energy. This is my third visit to Khanty Mansiysk, so, I have mostly seen everything.

B.G.: I was also trying to get more energy. The good thing is that I have managed to visit the Regional Library and the Picture Gallery. I was amazed by the variety of good pictures in the Gallery. You know what amazed me the most? The sculpture “Magnus”. How did he manage to show up here I wonder? I am sure you got me?..

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