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Original article on the World Chess Team Championship available on William’s site.

The World Chess Team Championship kicked off with an interesting Round 1. Here is my brief summary of the most interesting games.

Kamsky draw Karjakin, Shulman draws Svidler

As white, Kamsky drew Karjakin in a tame version of the Bishop’s Opening in 23 moves. Shulman tried to achieve pressure against Svidler by sacrificing a pawn from the white side of a Grunfeld, however Svidler’s preparation was solid as he sacrificed an exchange to ensure the draw.

Shulman Vs Svidler – After 19. h3!?
Egypt’s IM Samy Shoker scores major upset against Ukrainian GM Areshchenko

IM Samy Shoker of Egypt was able to score an excellent 200+ point upset as black against Ukrainian GM Alexander Areshchenko, neglecting to castle in the Pirc Defense to opt for a direct queenside attack against the white king. Areshchenko was unable to achieve counterplay and resigned in 28 moves.

Areshchenko Resigned After 28. …Qa3

Armenia crushes Israel 3.5/0.5!

Vladimir Akopian (2667) contributed to Armenia’s 3.5-.5 crushing victory over the Israeli team by beating Evgeny Postny (2618), fantastically demonstrating the idea of “transformation of advantages” by winning an exchange due to superior opening preparation and then returning the exchange to win a pawn and force a technically won endgame.

Akopian Sacs the Exchange Back w/ 42. Rd5!

Hungary and India drew 2-2, Judit Polgar defeats GM Ganguly

Hungary and India drew 2-2, as Judit Polgar (2699) scored a fine prophylactic victory over Shekhar Ganguly (2627). A well-played opening left Polgar with long-term pressure on the half-open b-file, allowing her to tie up white’s pieces in defense of the b3 pawn while black maneuvered to open the center and attack the white king. This game was a great example of patiently maintaining and raising the pressure on one side of the board to deflect the opponent from defending another weakness.

Polgar Wins with 60.d2!

Game PGN’s are available at the official World Chess Team Championship Site

Original article on the World Chess Team Championship along with other articles on the championship available on William’s website.

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