World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 in Dresden is under way. Round 3 started in time and brought positive emotions to all players. The President of ICCD Philip Gardner was present at the beginning of the round and made a first ceremonial move at board 1.

The results of Round 3 cannot be called unexpected. Though it might be a bit of a dissapointment for Dmitry Scherbin who made a draw against lower rated Sponheum Marko from Germany. Meshkov Yuri could not also convert it to a win against Polish chess player Chojnowski Marcin.

Zimmer Raphael of Germany won his opponent Malyuga Valentin of Russia, despite of having 200 rating points less. Bolat Kabyzhanov of Kazakhstan (not rated player) has brought it to a victory against Hoffman Rainer of Germany (2048). A Ukrainian female chess player Myronenko Natalya (1901) outplayed her male opponent from Poland Checiak Krzysztof and got one point. Another unrated player Sookruus Heiki from Estonia got one point against Chomu Clement from Kenya.

Championship will continue tomorrow, at 9.30 with round 4.

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Standings after Round 3 (top 20):

1. Alexey Pakhomov Russia IBCA IBCA IM RUS 2335 3
2. Sergej Wassin Ukraine IBCA FM UKR 2290 3
3. Alexey Smirnov Russia IBCA IBCA RUS 2446 3
4. Piotr Dukaczewski Poland IBCA IBCA IM POL 2261 3
5. Stanislav Babarykin Russia IBCA IBCA FM RUS 2369 3
6. Andrei Gurbanov IPCA IM ISR 2336 2.5
7. Vladimir N. Kovalenko Ukraine ICCD UKR 2068 2.5
8. Marcin Chojnowski Poland Deaf IBCA POL 2015 2.5
9. Stanislav Mikheev Russia IPCA IPCA IM RUS 2296 2.5
10. Marek Mackowiak Poland IBCA IBCA POL 2140 2.5
11. Jamal Messalla III IPCA IPCA MAR 2057 2
12. Sergey Grigorchuk Ukraine IBCA CM UKR 2278 2
13. Igor Yarmonov Ukraine IPCA IM UKR 2375 2
14. Yuri A. Meshkov Russia IBCA IBCA IM RUS 2351 2
15. Sergey Tsapalin Russia IPCA IPCA RUS 2060 2
16. Anatoly Eremin ICCD RUS 2201 2
17. Chamal Gedgafov Russia IPCA IPCA RUS 2243 2
18. Raphael Zimmer Germany IPCA IPCA GER 1985 2
19. Viktor V. Kononov Russia Deaf ICCD RUS 2096 2
20. Jacek Stachanczyk Poland IBCA IBCA IM POL 2240 2

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