Bainbridge chess teams win big while having fun
by Elena Arakaki
Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Brainbridge Buzz, Washington

“I might lose, but it’s not all about winning,” said 8-year-old Carson McCarrel on the ferry, going to the Terrace Park Chess Tournament in Mountlake Terrace this past Saturday.

Forty-three kids, the most ever from Bainbridge, came, so there were chessboards all over the tables in the ferry cafeteria. Other adults came by to ask where the kids were going. Mark Cohen, the Bainbridge chess coach who organized the trip, was busy talking to parents and giving the kids tips.

When everyone arrived at the tournament, all of the Bainbridge kids set up their chessboards and started practicing. Pretty soon, the first round began.

When people started to come back from their games, many were very excited. First grader Anna Maricich, from Wilkes Elementary School, won her first game, and this was her first tournament. Others came back with calmer expressions on their faces. Second grader Jarrett Arakaki, from Odyssey, won his game too, but he has been playing chess for almost two years. He takes private chess lessons with Cohen, and he was pretty relaxed because he had already qualified for the State Elementary Scholastic Tournament. To qualify for the State Tournament, you need to win three or more games in any tournament.

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