I usually do not like to watch political campaigning ads. But these caught my eyes. They are quite different than the typical stuff. Click here to watch the ads.

Candidate Makes Fun of Own Disability
Posted: 2008-02-28 17:38:16
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SALEM, Ore. (Feb. 28) – So a U.S. Senate candidate with a metal hook for a left hand walks into a bar.

The candidate, Steve Novick, has bellied up next to a voter and the two talk about politics. The other guy struggles to twist off a beer cap. Novick coolly reaches over, grabs the bottle and deftly uses his metal hook to pop it open, telling the other man: “We can’t afford just politics as usual.”

It’s a political ad unlike any other this season, and the video has become a hit on YouTube.

Here is the full article. What you do you think?

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