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The players who qualify for the 2016 Candidates Tournament are determined according to the following, in order of priority:

2.1 World Championship Match 2014
– The player who lost the 2014 World Championship Match qualifies.

2.2 World Cup 2015

– The two (2) top winners of the World Cup 2015 qualify. In case one of the two top winners of the World Cup qualifies from 2.1 above, then the qualification spot goes to 3rd place of the World Cup.

2.3 FIDE Grand-Prix 2014/2015
– The two (2) top players from the FIDE Grand-Prix 2014/2015 qualify to participate. In case any of the two top winners of the FIDE Grand-Prix qualify from 2.1 or 2.2 above, then the qualification spot(s) are given to the next player(s) in the final standings of the Grand-Prix.

2.4 Average FIDE Rating List of the 12 monthly lists starting from 1st January 2015 to 1st December 2015
– Two (2) players qualify to participate by rating (excluding the players who qualify from articles 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 above). A player can qualify by rating only if he/she participates in the World Cup 2015 or the FIDE Grand Prix 2014-2015. For the purpose of deciding the 2 rated player qualifiers, the average from the following twelve FIDE rating lists will be used: the sum of all 12 monthly lists starting from 1st January 2015 to 1st December 2015 divided by 12. A minimum of thirty (30) rated games in total is required for each player in the 12 monthly rating periods. In case of equality, two decimals will be taken into consideration. If the numbers are still equal then the total number of games in all 12 rating periods shall be decisive. That means the player with the greater number of games shall qualify.

2.5 One nominated player by the Organiser
– A player, nominated by the organiser, with a rating of at least 2725 in the FIDE rating list of 1st July 2015.

2.6 Replacements
– If any replacement is needed due to withdrawal or refusal of participation, the first reserve player from the final standings of the FIDE Grand-Prix 2014/2015 will be invited. Any further replacement needed will be fulfilled from the average rating list described in article 2.4 above.

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