A few days ago, I posted the following:

Chess is one of the most popular games / sports in the world. There are over 160 member federations under FIDE. There are hundreds of millions of people playing chess worldwide. So the question is:

– How come chess is not a more commercially viable game / sport?
– How come chess is not as big as it could be with the media?

Some said that chess could not be on TV because it is boring. Is it really more exciting to watch poker, billiards, fishing or the spelling bees? Both poker and billiards are heavily edited. I do not know about the spelling bees.

I spoke to dozens of high-level professional Marketing / PR in Fortune 500 companies as well as major Marketing / PR firms about this issue. Most of them gave me a similar answer. They said that the #1 problem of chess is not the game in itself. They said that chess as a game is very marketable from multiple angles. (These are not chess people. They are Marketing and PR people for large corporations, athletes, other sports and in entertainment, etc.)

The #1 problem, they said, is ….

What do you think are the problems?

Last chance to give your opinions 🙂 I will post their answers later on today.

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