GM Wesley So has just confirmed his participation in the 2010 SPICE Cup A group.

To make the event a lot more exciting, the SPICE Cup committee has unanimously voted to adapt the following new rules for the A group:

– No draw offer allowed prior to move 30
– A win = 3 points, a draw = 1 point, and loss = 0 point

GM Georg Meier (Germany), GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (Norway), GM Ray Robson (USA) and GM Eugene Perelshteyn (USA) have already confirmed their participation.

The format of the A group will once again be a 6-player DRR (category 16 or 17) event. The B group will be a 10-player (category 11-12) RR event. We are planning to add a 3rd group for 2010.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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