World Chess Live (WCL) is pleased to sponsor USCF’s 2008 Grand Prix and 2008 Junior Grand Prix. We’re providing prize funds of $20,000 and $7,500 (in cash, merchandise, and memberships), and will also be running Online Grand Prize Satellite events throughout the year.

The new season of the World Chess Live Grand Prix is now in full swing with tournaments coming thick and fast in the year-long race to the finish line. Leading the pack though this month in the main GP is GM Sergey Kudrin, who tops the table with wins at the Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia, the 2008 Connecticut Championships, and the Greater New Haven Winter Open in Connecticut.

(Click here for the latest standings for the WCLUSCF Grand Prix)

The veteran Connecticut-based grandmaster has been one of the US’ most active participants on the GP circuit since its inception in the early 1980s – and today, at 48, he’s still as active as he ever was! And in the elusive hunt for GP points, Sergey also took part in last month’s first WCL GP online event (won by IM Alex Lenderman), where USCF members can gain addition GP points to boost their standings each month by playing online.

The winner of the second online WCL Grand Prix final (held Thursday, 29 May here at WCL) was Alan Kain, who gained 12-points for the main USCF over-the-board GP for his victory, with IM Alex Lenderman taking 8-points for second place.

If you are a USCF member, be sure to register for your FREE six-month account with WCL at and play in the weekly and monthly USCF Quick-Rated prize tournaments, where you too can also boost your over-the-board Grand Prix standings as the online finals each month will award a maximum of 20 Grand Prix points (12 points for first, 8 for second.).

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