This is not the trophy from this World Championship. But I thought that it is fitting to show him with a BIG cup 🙂

Congratulations to Vladimir Kramnik who scored a decisive victory in the last rapid playoff game against Veselin Topalov to win the World Championship and unified the title since Kasparov bailed from FIDE 13 years ago. How fitting that the match ends on Friday the 13th 🙂

I am THANKFUL that I do not have to do BLITZ BLOGGING 🙂 4 games of Rapid Blogging was enough 🙂 I am also thankful that the match ends today as I will be in Philadelphia to promote Chess and Education with the Mayor of Philadelphia as well as do a 100 board simul. It would be hard to blog and do a 100 board simul at the same time 🙂

Thanks everyone for joining me for these incredible 15-16 games. Today, more than 150,000+ unique logins followed this game LIVE on this blog. That is unprecedented!

I hope you will visit this blog again as I will continue to update on a DAILY basis chess news from around the world, offer my commentary, give chess tips and puzzles as well as announce special events. And it is FREE 🙂

Thank you again for joining me in this historic event!

Mexico City will be the next World Championship site. You can check out their website here.
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