So long Mexico City. I am in the airport on my way home. I can’t wait to share many interesting tidbits with you.

The Internet in the Sheraton hotel was not very fast. It would take hours for me just to upload long videos. Therefore, I will upload more videos, pictures and post about many things that went on in Mexico City as soon as I am back in Texas.

The players were very happy with the playing conditions. The fans were absolutely wild. Everyone said that they have never witnessed more enthusiastic fans in chess.

I had exclusive interviews with all 8 players. In the upcoming week, I will also give my impression of each player as well as the good and not so good things about this World Championship.

Here are some quick statistics:

– On the last day, there were about 1.5 million hits to just the main website of the World Championship, not counting other coverage.
– There were people from 185 countries visited the website.

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