IMPORTANT News about the Broadcast

CITY TV Station Channel

The channel number and time may be off. Please be sure to check or double check your local listing and time. The 2-hour show is scheduled to air on July 24 at 12 PM ET (NY time). It may be different in some areas.

Boston WLVI WB 56

Philadelphia WPPX-PAX 61

Washington, D.C. WDCN-UPN 20

Baltimore WBFF-FOX 45

Norfolk WTVZ- WB 33

Winston-Salem-Durham WLFL-WB 22

Memphis WHBQ-UPN 16

Jackson JKT-UPN 16

Nashville WUXP-UPN 30

Tampa WTTA- WB 38

New Orleans WXPL-IND 49

Houston KKXH-UPN 26

Austin KAAB-UPN 29

Dallas KPXP-PAX 68

Pittsburgh WCWB-WB 22

Columbus WTTE- FOX(ABC) 28

Indianapolis WIPX-PAX 63

Twin-Cities KSTC-NBC 45

St. Louis KPCX-NBC 50

Denver KPXC-PAX 59

Kansas City KCWG-UPN 62

Phoenix KPPX-PAX 51

San Francisco KKPX-PAX 65

San Diego KSWB-WB 69

Portland KPXG-PAX 22

Seattle KIRO-ABC 23

Buffalo, NY WGRZ-NBC 45

Chicago WJXS-IND 62

Dayton WRGT-FOX(ABC) 45

Louisville WBKI-WB 7

New York WRNN-IND 48

Lexington WBKI-WB 17


San Jose WPNX-IND 30

Oakland WPNX-IND 30

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Boone, NC

Moreno Valley, CA

Omaha, NE

Columbus, Ohio

Toledo, OH

San Marino, CA

Spencer, OK

Chesterfield, MI

San Angelo, TX

Indiana and Illinois

Warsaw, IN

Meridian, MS

City Web Site

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fair Lawn, NJ

Atlanta, GA

Romulas, MI

North Carolina

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