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Breaking News:

Super GM Fabiano Caruana has received an invitation to participate in the 2013 US Championship! According to USCF rules, he is eligible to play. Schedule permitting, he intends to accept! 

This was the response from the organizer: I have heard from the USCF that you are indeed eligible to play, and will be happy to keep you updated when we have more information available, and will be happy to keep you updated when we have more information available.”

However, the only potential complication is the intended dates for the US Championship may conflict with the FIDE Grand Prix events which all 3, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, and Gata Kamsky are obligated to play.

I hope that the dates can be modified to accommodate FIDE GP schedule so the top 3 players can participate in the next US Championship. Stay tuned for more information.

Fabiano played his first two tournaments at my Chess Center in Queens. I have followed his career over the years and I am very proud of what he has achieved. This will be a treat for American chess fans.


After I made the post, new information has come to light. This is the comment from Mr. Franc Guadalup, FIDE Zonal President for the U.S.:

Just to set the record straight…GM Caruana has not received an official invitation. He has, however, expressed interest in participating in the US Championship. The 2013 edition of the event is a Zonal Championship. As it stands right now, Fabiano’s FIDE flag is Italy. So…an invitation would be premature.

Franc Guadalupe
FIDE Zonal President for the U.S.  

This seems to contradict what the organizer responded to Fabiano. According to the organizer (who has heard directly from the USCF), Fabiano indeed is eligible to play. He was definitely not told no, as it was made very clear to Fabiano. He was also definitely not told that he is ineligible. And since he is rated #1 in both USCF and FIDE, why would an invitation not be issued if he is eligible to play?

– Fabiano Caruana 2871 USCF – 2783 FIDE
– Gata Kamsky 2845 USCF – 2762 FIDE

– Hikaru Nakamura 2834 USCF – 2760 FIDE

Fabiano is a world class player and a chess professional. If the USCF feel that he is not eligible to play, they should inform him directly and promptly so he can make other plans. Professional players make plans way in advance, sometimes a year or two in advance. It would be very unfair to leave him hanging.

Stay tuned for more as I have it. 

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