Monday, 09/02/2009, 09:46 (GMT + 7)
Ukraine coach becomes coach of the Vietnam national chess team

Vassily Mikhailov, a chess coach from Ukraine, has just been invited by the Vietnam Chess Federation to be the coach of the Vietnam National Chess Team.

The invitation was made after the Ukraine chess coach had successfully trained young chess player, Tran Minh Thang, from Hanoi’s chess team.

The young chess player then went on to win the championship at the world U-8 Young Tournament.

The contract signed with Vassily Mikhailov will run till the end of 2009, and the coach will enjoy a monthly salary of US $1,500.

Currently, Vassily Mikhailov, along with his 3 Vietnamese assistants, Ly Hong Duc, Lam Minh Chau and Tong Thai Hung, is now training the Vietnam National Chess Team at Sports Training Center No. 2.

Reportedly, the 2009 Vietnam National chess Tournament will be held from February 14th to 28th in Hanoi.

Renowned world-class chess player Dao Thien Hai will play for the Defence Ministry’s Chess Team in the upcoming tournament.

Source: DDDN

Translated by Thu Nguyen

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